Dame Yseult de Montagu
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Peer to Lord Andrew MacLeod, Lady Maegwyn Attewode, and Lord James de Assartis, and a former protégé to Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli. She currently is inactive in the SCA.

Dame Yseult is a real powerhouse who was an active member of the Society for a number of years since April of A.S. XXVIII (1994) when she started with a small unofficial group that associated with Bordervale Keep in Atlantia. In A.S. XXIX (1996) she relocated to Meridies and the Shire of Forth Castle where she served as both the Chatelaine (June of 1996 to April of 1997) and the Seneschal (April 1997 to April 1999) and also as Deputy Chronicler (during 1996 and 1997). She was the first Dean of the new Meridian Page's School for two years from March of A.S. XXXIII (1999) until March of A.S. XXXV (2001) when she became the Kingdom Minister of Children -- an office she held until Gulf Wars XII in March of A.S. XXXVII (2003) when she stepped down and (shortly thereafter, took up the mantle of Spciety Minister of Children, holding that office for over three years until August of 2006.. Prior to that Mistress Yseult was Deputy Society Children's Officer Coordinator (from August 2002 to April 2003). Yseult makes her home in the Shire of Tir Briste where she has served in the past as Chatelaine (from October '99 to October '01), Chronicler (from January '01 to January '03), Web Minister (temporary in 2001) and Chatelaine (temporary in 2001). She has also served the Southern Consortium of Shires as an Cronic (Information Officer). She also has served as Royal Entourage, and as High Chancellor to TRMs Boru and Deirdre.

This lady is a skilled autocrat, having co-autocratted Heraldic Confrontation III in November of A.S. XXXI (1996), autocratted Midnight in the Garden of Good & Medieval in August of A.S. XXXIV (1999), and was a member of the "Autocrats Club" for Fool's War XII in April of A.S. XXXV (2001). She co-feastcratted Champion's List in October of A.S. XXXVI (2001) and October of A.S. XXXVII (2002), and autocratted Fool's War XIII in April of A.S. XXXVI (2002), and autocratted Champions List in September of A.S. XL (2005). She has been involved in many demos, including the Georgia Southern University Demo, Statesboro, GA (Forth Castle, 1997), the "Heraldic Constipation" Collegium, Savannah, GA (Forth Castle, 1997), the Sidewalk Arts Demo, Savannah, GA (Forth Castle, late 1990s), Shakespeare in the Park, Savannah, GA (Forth Castle, late 1990s), and the Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon, GA (Tir Briste, 2000). She most recently co-Autocratted Fools's War XX in april of A.S. XLIII (2009).

Likewise, she has served at many events including Media & Newcomer Booth, Toys for Tots Clash (Forth Castle, 1996), Pages' School Grand Opening, Royal University (1999), Pages' School Holiday Collegium, Feed the Hordes (Dragonfly Marsh, 1999), A&S Classes Coordinator, Fools' War 11 (Novus Matisco, 2000), Pages' School Collegium, Royal University (2000), Nastycrat, Champions' List (Tir Briste, 2000), Pages' School Collegium, Heraldic Confrontations (Forth Castle 2001), Information Point, Fools' War 12 (Tir Briste, 2001), Pages' School Collegium (co-planner), Royal University (2001), Pages' School Collegium (co-planner), Fighters' Collegium (2002), Information Point, Fools' War 14 (Tir Briste, 2003), and Gulf Wars Pages' School Coordinator (2000-2003).

She has taught numerous classes including Precedence & Protocol, "Heraldic Constipation" Collegium (Forth Castle, 1997), Newcomers, local, Forth Castle (1998), Chivalry for Women, local, Forth Castle (1999), Period Holiday Celebrations (Pages' School), Feed the Hordes/Dragonfly Marsh (1999), Pages' School for MoCs (Pages' School), Royal University (2000), Newcomers, local, Tir Briste (2001), Introduction to Iconography (Pages' School) Heraldic Confrontations (Forth Castle, 2001), Starting a Local Branch (Pages' School), Royal University (2001), and Basic Leatherwork, local, Tir Briste (January 2003).

Other achievements include: Author, Meridian Meridian Pages' School Handbook, 1999; Co-Founder of Meridian Pages' School 1999; KMoC/Pages' School Web Minister 1999-present; Consortium Minister of Information 9/2001-present; Consortium Web Minister 9/2001-present; Co-Editor of "Southern Watch" (Consortium Newsletter) 2001-2002; Moderator: Tir Briste List, 2002-present; and Author, Meridian MoC Handbook, 2003.

Yseult is also a member of House Fanciyam. She created the webpage for the Southern Consortuim at http://www.geocities.com/consortium2, and the web page for the Kingdom Page's School at http://www.geocities.com/meridies_ps. She is the Lady Wife of The Honorable Lord Giovanni Francisco de Valencia, and the mother of Cecilia de Lessay.

Dame Yseult's name and device (Per fess sable and argent semy-de-lys sable, a fess of three lozenges gules and in chief a lion dormant argent) both are registered at Laurel.

The image above, in all its glory, was captured at Gulf Wars in March of A.S. XL (2006).

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