Cecilia de Lessay
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Currently dwells in the Shire of Tir Briste.

Cecilia is the daughter of Dame Yseult de Montagu. Her interests are archery, fighting (she authorized as a youth fighter at Feed the Hordes on November 2nd, A.S. XXXVII (2002)), sewing, painting, drawing, cooking, singing, and helping however she can. She's learned how to put up a pavilion. As a child she was a member of the Meridian Pages' School, and very much aspired to be a page -- and a Knight when she grew up. She won the Equestrian Youth Tourney at Fool's War in 2003 with 88 points (missing only one ring), and she won again at Fool's War in 2004 -- so we suspected she was a natural, and were very proud of her! She also developed an interest in Heraldry, but we haven't seen much of her lately -- though we're still hoping that will change.

Cecilia's name and device (Per pale gules and azure, a sea-unicorn and in base a wolf's paw print argent) both are registered with the College of Arms.

The image above was captured in October of A.S. XLIII (2008) at Halloween. We obviously need a newer Picture!!!

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