Maegwynn Attewode
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Former Provost at Large for the Royal University of Meridies and Protege to Dame Yseult de Montagu, this Lady has recently relocated with her family to the Kingdom of Calontir and the Shire of Crescent Moon.

Lady Maegwynn is the former Weard of the Southern Consortium, former Chatelaine to the Shire of Ravenwood, and became a protege to Dame Yseult de Montagu at Fool's War in April of 2006. She is the Lady Wife of Lord Seamus Yonger , and the mother of Reed Bowyer, and Shelton the Destroyer and Elizabeth the Bold. She attended her first event in April of A.S. XXXVI (2002), but really became active following the birth of her second son, taking on the office of Minister of Arst & Sciences for the Shire of Ravenwood in March of A.S. XXXVIII (2004) and holding it until January of A.S. XL (2006). She served as head water-bearer for Meridian Maneuvers in February of A.S. XXXVII (2003), was Reservations Steward and a water-bearer for the Southern Regional Fighter Practice event hosted by the Shire of Marion Glen in July of A.S. XXXIX (2004), was Reservations Steward for Meridian Maneuvers in February of A.S. XXXVIII (2004), and was both Reservations Steward and Chief Cook for Meridian Maneuvers in February of A.S. XXXIX (2005). Maegwynn was elected Weard of the Southern Consortium in September of A.S. XL (2005) and served until January of A.S. XLI (2007). No longer the Weard she received the Guiding Hand at Legends in 2007. Served as cook and Royal Liaison for Meridian Maneuvers 2006, and was the Autocrat for Meridian Maneuvers in 2007. She had the pleasure of doing the subtleties for Legends 2007, and is the Current Provost-at-Large for the Kingdom of Meridies Royal University. She has also been of service to the Crown, as evidenced by a Meridian Majesty from HRM Deirdre, and she has entered several A&S Faires with needlework and marzipan.

Lady Maegwynn's name and device (Per fess gules and purpure, a fess engrailed on the upper edge and invected on the lower edge between three fleurs-de-lys and a dolphin haurient argent) are registered with the SCA College of Arms.

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