Reed Bowyer
jbyrnes (at) bellsouth (dot) net


This young Lord has recently relocated with his family to the Kingdom of Calontir and the Shire of Crescent Moon

Formerly known as "Roy the Urchin", Reed is the son of Lady Maegwynn Attewode and Lord Seamus Yanger, and the brother of Shelton the Dewstroyer and Elizabeth the Bold. He is a youth combat fighter who is progressing very well indeed, and at the age of fifteen now is "free roaming" and very busy. Reed received the Order of the Cygnet at Fool's War in April of 2006, and we are very proud of his achievements! Although he is still an Authorized Youth Combatant, in recent years his passion has turned to the Bow. He has been practicing his technique with the 4-H and is taking on some of the challenges that the SCA has to offer in Archery...and doing very well indeed. He is also pursuing drumming and other skills. The picture above was taken at Fool's War in April of A.S. XLIII (2009)

Reed currently is working on registering his name and his device (Per fess gules and azure, a fess engrailed on the upper edge and invected on the lower edge between two sets of two arrows inverted in saltire and a phoenix Or).

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