Ailsun McKeown
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[Radiant Tower (Forth Castle)]

Is a Lady in Waiting to Dame Yseult de Montagu

Shown here at Fool's War XVI in April of XXXIX (2005), Ailsun says that she is interested in autocratting, pavilion-making, archery, armoring, cooking -- she is a self-confessed "redneck greasecook" -- and a number of other activities. She has been in the SCA on and off since about A.S. XXXII (1997). She's been historian for the shire of Forth Castle, feastcratted Midnight in the Garden of Good and Medieval, and assists in the kitchen at nearly every event where she's allowed (she was priceless at last year's Champions' List). She also has run the kitchen at Fools' War in A.S. XXXV and A.S/ XXXVI that feeds staff and forlorn-looking beggars. She's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in the A&S world, though she specifically shows an incredible talent for costuming and generally uses her skill to clothe newcomers (we can't count the number of times she's garbed college students out of pocket). She received the Forth Castle shire award, the Radiant Tower, for her services in the kitchen and for her sewing. Her ultimate goal is simply to learn more about frequently as possible - it's an ongoing quest. She did the Low Country Boil (along with Sir Simon Macleod) for the elevation of Mistress Yseult, and she currently is working on her name and armory. Ailsun is also the proud mother of Codi and Gail.

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