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Codi (no SCA name yet) is the son of Ailsun McKeown, and we welcome him to our househild. Codi is a member of the Pages' School of Meridies, and focuses primarily on service. At the Southern Regional Fighter Practice in A.S. XXXVII (2002) he spent the entire day waterbearing, and received a scroll from the host group (Marion Glen) in court *and* a token from His Majesty Artan for his awesome works that day. He has decided since that he really enjoys helping the fighters, and wants to continue with that type of service. Codi, like his mother (Ailsun MacKeown), is also a cook, and has tried his hand at sewing. He's hoping next to learn more about armoring, woodwork, and leatherwork, and would like to try archery (w think we can handle all that!). Mundanely, he's in the third grade, and his primary hobbies are reading (mostly Harry Potter) and sports, especially baseball and soccer. This picture was taken at Fool's War XVI in April XXXIX (2005).

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