Lord Thorfinn Eriksonr


Formerly a member of the Shires of An Dun Theine of Brantestone, he his one of the founding members of the Incipient Canton of Valemere, where he serves as Minister of Arts & Science and as Heralds, and is a Protege of Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli.

Thorfinn Eriksonar is a ninth century Norse merchant from Helgo, Norway and a member of the S.C.A. since A.S.XXVII, Until 2007 playing with the shire of An Dun Theine where he served as Chronicler, of the shire’s newsletter "The Battered Blade", Chatelaine and Seneschal, as well as running Unchained Doom: The Viking menace and Unchained Doom: Tales of China, several Beggar’s Rebellions. (too many to remember) as well as assisting the Meridian Pensic landcrat for 2 years.

He was the dean of the Meridian Bardic College for a year, and has authored several songs and stories such as" The Ghost with the Golden Helm" and his former household’s song "The Anthem of the Aseir". He also wrote plays for his former Comedia group, and has taught several classes including, Art History in the Scope of the SCA, Norse Myths and Legends, Norse Culture, Basic Middle Eastern Drumming, Pirates and Privateers, Celtic Ethnology, and courses in Gaelic and Arabic language. He was a member and sometimes ringleader of the Comida Del Arte group "Proschutto de Armorica" where he played one performance of IL Dottore.

Lord Thorfinnr is now active with his Lady Wife Ingris Utlennigsdottir in working to create a new Shire in the general void created by the disappearance of the Shire of Brantestone, and with good fortune will have that established soon.

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