Ingris Utlennigsdottir
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Currently serves as Seneschal and Marshal for the Incipient Shire of Valemere, and is one olf its founding members!.

Ingris Utlennigsdottir plays a 10th century Viking woman from the area of Trondheim. She has been active in the SCA for several years now, but before that she was active in another group called the Empire of Chivalry and Steel (ECS) for two years. Her activities in the ECS include metal working and blacksmithing, heavy fighting, weaving, and various other arts and sciences pursuits. Within the ECS, she was made a Knight at the pleasure of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Vega and served as Captain of the Queen's Guard. So far in the SCA she has been an active member of the Shire of An Dun Theine and now the Shire of Brantestone, has attended Gulf Wars regularly, has served as Site Steward for one Royal University of Meridies event, and has been active in various Arts & Sciences including (but not limited to) calligraphy and illumination and Middle Eastern dance.. She is the Lady wife of Lord Thorfinn Eriksonr.

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