Lady Roheis de Montagnes
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Lady Roheis (usually called " Lady Roh") joined the Society in college in 1984 in Calontir, and after school moved south to what is now Gleann Abhan...and thence to Meridies and the Shire of Marion Glen. At this time, she is am not a Protege.... just a hard worker...and prefers to think of herself as "Peerless" rather than as"Lacking in a Peer"! Her areas of endeavor include: Painting Kingdom Scrolls, Cooking, Teaching (Bardic, Basic Sewing & Embroidery, etc.), Merchanting (to help pay for everything else), and Assisting her Lord Husband. She also is the former Dean of the Meridian Page's School, the former Dean of the Meridian Pages' School, and the former Deputy Dean of the Meridian Bardic College..Lord Andrew MacLeod.

The Photo above was, we believe, taken of Lady Roheis at Fool's War in April of A.S. XXXIX (2005).

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