THLord Andrew MacLeod the Greybeard
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[AoA, CACM, GoA]

Lord Andrew is a protege to Dame Yseult de Montagu

Lord Andrew has been in the SCA for 25 years. He says he does a little feastcratting, a little autocratting, a little dishwashing, a little jewelry-making, a little Bardic, and a little troll;-) Though often as well-known for his dry sense of humor, he also was "the guy who scheduled and approved classes" for the Royal University, the former Weard of the Southern Consortium of Shires, and the former Chancelor of Academic Studies for the Royal University of Meridies.

He is the Lord Husband of Lady Roheis de Montagnes and the father of Artemis Titus.

THLord Adrew joined the Houseold in April of 2005, and has always been an asset, but recently he has taken a step back to earn his mundane Doctorate and much of his time is taken up with teaching college. We home that he will be able to return to us soon.
His name and device (Per fess Or and sable, a bull's head cabossed and a sun in its splendor counterchanged) are registered with the College of Arms.

The photograph above was taken at Fool's War in April of A.S. XXXIX (2005)

[Emeritus since April 2009]

Last Updated 04/29/09

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