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Peer to Lady Cynewise aet Sceaduwuda, and a former Protege to Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli. Currently serves as Minister of Arts & Sciences and as Deputy Herald for the Shire of Sol Haven.

Mistress Molli Rose discovered the Society late in A.S. XXXII, and this Lady was an absolute bundle of energy (and off-beat humor) from the onset, so we couldn't very well let her escape, now could we? A former prot�g� to Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, Mistress Molli Rose was in charge of the lunch fundraiser at Legends VII: The Pirates in June of A.S. XXXIII, performed in the Pirates of Pennsic at the same event, coordinated the lunch for the Sol Haven Tourney Collegium in September of A.S. XXXIII (1998), was in charge of Sol Haven Faire on May 22nd of A.S. XXXIV (1999), and co-authored (and acted in) Haasan and the Magic Bottle: An Untold Tale of the Arabian Knights at LEGENDS XIX: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in June of A.S. XXXIV -- as well as doing the lunch fund-raiser and Children's Activites at that event. She also held a lunch fund-raiser for Legends IX: The Sack of Constantinople (June 16th-18th, A.S. XXXV), and organized Page's School classes and activities for the event. Along with Lady Isabetta Asini and THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach she was in charge of the Children's Feast at the South Downs Hearth & Home Collegium in November of A.S. XXXVI (2001). She also organized the Red Rose Ball for the Spring Coronation of Artan and Hanna, and was the autocrat for Hot August Knights in August of 2004. She also served as the Deputy Event Steward for Legends XVI: The Borgias in June of A.S. XLII (2007). She is also one of the Autocrats for Legends XXI: William Tell on 20 June 2015.

In A.S. XXXIII she became the Shire's Minister of Children, began networking with other LMoCs around the area in an effort to set up a good children's program. She began publishing a newsletter, called "Penfeathers", for the children of the Shire, which she was publishing monthly, and was determined to establish an active Page's Program for the children of the Shire. Subsequently, she was asked to publish a Kingdom Page's Newsletter, and Penfeathers recieved the "Master William Blackfox Award", Best Special Interest Newsletter in A.S. XXXV. In March of A.S. XXXV THLady Molli became the Dean of the Meridian Page's School, andundertook this office with enthusiasm and vigor until late A.S. XXXVI (early 2002). Now she has founded a household dedicated to the needs of children, called The Company of St. Margaret . Mistress Molli Rose also served as the Kingdom Minister of Children, and still has a strong dedication to Children's activities. She has served the Shire as MInister of Children, as a long-standing Deputy Chronicler, twice as Chatelaine, twice as Minister of Arts & Sciences, and as Provost.

While her heart is still one of service and children's issues, she has now started to focus more on her long time interest in the culinary arts. She also was one of those mainly responsible for the wonderful subtleties at Festival of the Laurels in October of A.S. XL (2005). She has a wicked sense of humor and is a born "compulsive elaborator"!!

Miss Molli is the Lady Wife to Geoffrey Oldes, and has one protege Lady Cynewise aet Scadenawuda of Vulpine Reach. While she was inactive for a short time due to mundane issues, she returned to help where she could at Spring Crown List in May of 2009, much to our delight and has remained mostly active since that time.

Mistress Molli Rose joined the househould in July of 1998, was made a protege in November of 1999, and was elevated to Pelican in September of 2006.

Her name and device (Per chevron sable semy of crosses moline Or and Or, in base a hind's head erased sable) are both registered with the SCA College of Arms.She also has a registered household name of her own - Deerbourne House.

The image above was captured at Fool's War in April of A.S. XXXIX (2005).

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