Lady Isabetta Asini (Deceased 26 May A.S. XLI - 2006)


Was a Lady in Waiting to THLady Morfydd ferch Bronwen and to Mistress Molli Rose Kekilpenny

Lady Isabetta became involved in the SCA in June of A.S. XXXV, and was a delight to be around. She became a Lady-in-Waiting to THLady Morfydd ferch Bronwen at Legends IX in June of 2000, and we were delighted to welcome her into the fold. Later THLady Molli Rose Kekilpenny also decided to take a hand in her future, and also took her as a Lady-in-Waiting. Lady Isabetta also served from November of 2000 until January of 2003 as the Minister of Arts & Sciences for the Shire of Sol Haven, from July 2001 until January 2003 as Provost fro the Shire, and from January 2003 until April 2003 as Shire Reeve. Along with THLady Molli Rose Kekilpenny and THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach she was in charge of the Children's Feast at the South Downs Hearth & Home Collegium in November of A.S. XXXVI (2001), was chief Troll for the Spring Coronation of Artan and Hanna in April of A.S. XXXV (2002), and was the Royal Liaison for Legends XI: Olympus on Earth. She was Chief Troll for Legends XII:Legends in the Making in June of 2003.
Lady Isabetta joined the Household in June of 2000 as a Lady in Waiting, and was made a full member in June of 2003.
We were very proud of and pleased with Lady Isabetta while she was with us, and were hoping for her return. Instead we must mourn her loss. She was only 29 years old.
Her name and device [Argent, on a lozenge between in chief two lotus flowers in profile gules a pomegranate argent] are registered with the College of Arms.

For Isabetta

Bright-eyed child, her bawdy laughter rang when e'er she came our way.
Free in loving, ever after locked in memory to stay.

Small in stature, rich in spirit, deep of humor, wide of heart,
She has taken other pathways, now to make her way apart.

Gone from lives of those who loved her, into tales that all may tell.
Now in sunlit vales to linger, and in memory to dwell.

Never failing to remember, ever failing to forget,
That she lived her life too briefly, we will evermore regret.

[Bronwen o Gydweli, June 30th, A.S. XLI, 2006]

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