Lord Valamir von Straubing
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Lord Valamir became active with the Society in A.S. XXIII as one of the early members of the (then) Canton of Sol Haven. Sadly for us, he all too soon afterward departed to serve in the Navy and was for many years (figuratively speaking) at sea. In A.S. XXXI he came ashore in Trimaris, rejoicing that he was once more among Scadian folk, and in A.S. XXXII he finally returned home to kith and kin ready to settle down at last, his Naval service done. Since returning to us this enthusiastic gentle has performed in two Sol Haven Players productions (and yes, he will eventually live that down), has authorized as a fighter, and was Sitecrat for Legends VII: The Pirates in June of A.S. XXXIII (1998). He is also learning to make cordials, has expressed interest in learning numerous other skills, plans to travel extensively, and we think you'll be hearing a lot about him in years to come. Valamir was also the Faire Steward for Sol Haven Faire in May of A.S. XXXIII, the Autocrat for the Sol Haven Tourney Collegium in September of A.S. XXXIII (1998), and was one of the Feastcrats for Legends VIII: Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves in June of A.S. XXXIV (1999). He was named Lord of the Sun (the Sol Haven Chivalry Award) in A.S. XXXIV. Lord Valamir's name and device are both registered with the SCA College of Arms. After taking a break from SCA activity he has recently returned to some active participation, and we are delighted. Rumor has it that he may become more active soon, and that delights us even more!

Lord Valamir is a former Member of the Household, and was shown as an Emeritus member from September of 2002 through April of 2009, hoping that he would become active again. However, he thus far has not managed this, and as a result he has been removed from the Emertus Members list and retained as an Honored Guest of the Household.

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