Lady Tabitha of Erin
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Currently is a warranted (and very skilled) Chirurgeon, and serves as the Education Deputy to the Kingdom Chirurgeonn

Lady Tabitha is the protege of Master El of the Two Knives in the East Kingdom, and the Fosterling of Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli. A master Chirurgeon, she is a multi-talented Lady, and we are pleased give her a home away from home with us. She has served as Chirurgeon at more events than we can name, including Legends XIV-XVII for the Shire of Sol Haven, Several Fool's Wars for the Shire of Tir Briste, numerous events for the Barony of the South Downs, events for the Shire of Forth Castles, and the list just goes on and on. She has taught classes on First Aid and CPR, has worked tirlessly at Chirurgeon's Point at numerous Pennsic Wars and Gulf Wars, and has been a great asset since coming here to Meridies.

She also is the Lady Wife of Lord Finn O'Flaharty.

Her name and device (Argent, four quatrefoils saltirewise conjoined in cross, slips to center and crossed, purpure) both are registered with the SCA College of Arms.

The photo above was taken at Heroes & Heroines in May of A.S. XLIII (2008).

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