"Meridian Rose"

The rose has its blossom, the rose has its thorn,
And some in this lifetime to roses are born;
In seed to seek wisdom, in bud win renown,
In flower to rise and seek after a Crown.

There are far away lands where the true rose is rare,
But wherever it blooms you must seek for it there.
To be without roses shall ne'er be our doom,
For Meridian hearts are where true roses bloom.

Too heavy for lilies, for violets too bold,
Too noble for asters the great Crown of gold,
But roses have steel buried deep in the heart,
A rare brand of courage that sets them apart.


The rose stands for beauty, the rose stands for love,
The rose bears its sceptre and sword hand in glove.
The fragrance of chivalry roses define,
And even in passing leave beauty behind.


So sing we our praises of those roses rare,
As long as they bloom we need never despair.
In grace they will blossom, in strength they will stand,
In wisdom bring peace to the heart of the land.


(Original Tune by Lady Catrina Ravenbourne. Lyrics by Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli and Lady Catrina Ravenbourne - September 6th, A.S. XXXI, 1996. Scored by Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli - August 21st, A.S. XXXIII, 1998)

Original Title: "Where True Roses Bloom".

Background music: "Meridian Rose", (Original Tune & Lyrics). ęcopyright 1998 Cathy A. Lawrence & Peggy J. Hicks

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