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[CMC, AOA, CACM, GOA. MLU, CB, CSA, OLP (Order of the Lion's Paw - Oldenfeld, Trimaris], OL

Former Squire to Shair Fiachna mac Phariac and former Apprentice to Master Geoffrey MacDhomnhuill.

Baron Michael has been active in the SCA since 1992, and soon became active with the Shire of Ravenwood in Albany, Georgia, where he served very capably both as Marshal and as Seneschal. Later he became one of the founding members of the Shire of Flintmarsh in Bainbridge, Georgia, and has served as a very positive force in that group for some time now, as well as a unifying force in his area of the Kingdom.

Michael is an excellent heavy fighter, and also has an exceptional talent for armoring and for teaching. He has made armor beautiful for a great many fighters, often charging nothing for his work but asking only that they "play it forward'. Master Michael also (at Fool's War XXI) authorized as a rapier fighter, and we understand that in 2010 he was offered, though he did not accept, the Kingdom Archery Marshal position. He was asked to be Combat Archery Marshal at Turf Wars, hosted by the Barony of the Osprey in January of 2010, and we're told that he has often been asked to inspect at other events in recent years, both archery and combat. He continues to make armor and teach in his shop at is evidenced by his Livejournal page, and to mentor numerous newcomers into the SCA. He also continues to support the efforts of not only his own shire but many of the neighboring shires by attending their events, helping with demos, and promoting joint figter practices. He supports any artisan he comes across if he thinks they take their craft seriously and brings his Lady wife many trinkets to prove it. For years now his shop has trained and supported countless armorers and weapons makers, and we are delighted that he has not been recognized by the Order of the Laurel for his achievements.

His Live Journal page features examples of his very impressive work, for any who wish to see it, and we are very pleased to call him guest and friend. We hope soon to have even more complete details on both him and on his lovely Lady wife.

The photo above was taken at Fool's Wars in April of 2010.

Baron Michael is also a member of his own household. He is the Lord Husband of Lady Viviana Fiorentina .

Baron Michael's name was registered by the SCA College of Arms in September of 2003. His device (Per pale sable and argent, two battle axes, blades to center and in chief three Maltese crosses all counterchanged) was registered in April of 2006.

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