"Men of Might"

To the fore, all ye men of might!
Armored for battle, and marching through the night.
Never shall you falter. Never shall you quail.
Though you fall you shall ere prevail.
Stride neath your banners bold
Long shall your tales be told
Tales of the days of old
Tales of truth and glory!
Forward to the battle, where the pennons blaze.
Men of might, and Meridies.

Sing of truth, oh ye men of might!
Raise up your lances, and set the foe to flight.
To the fields of honor, striding tall and true,
With our songs shall we honor you.
Voices shall boldly sing
Over the battle's ring,
Then shall our songs take wing
Songs to tell your story.
Forth upon the victory, we our voices raise.
Men of might and Meridies.

Boldy battle, ye men of might!
Ne'er shall you yield while the swords are flashing bright.
Neath the crown and stars your honor ne'er shall wain
Battle there til the last be slain.
Then shall the feasting hall
Ring with a victory call
Where Lords and Ladies all
Join to toast your glory.
Worthy of all honor, worthy of all praise.
Men of might and Meridies.

(Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, December 9th, A.S. XXXIII, 1998)

Another attempt.

Background music: "Men of Might", (Original Tune & Lyrics). ęcopyright 1998 Peggy J. Hicks

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