THLady Magy McTerlach (Deceased 04 January A.S. XLVIII - 2014)


THLady Magy was a protege to Mistress Maut McAlpin, and a fosterling to Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli.

Lady Magy was a very hard worker and as a protege to Mistress Maut MacAlpin was a long-standing member of House Fanciyam. We were delighted to have her also as a member of our Household, because she was a very special Lady.

Packing a lot of punch inmto a small package, this Lady started participating in the SCA in 1996, and has been either Reeve or Deputy Reeve for the Shire of Tir Briste pretty much without a break since the beginning, having served three complete tenures as Reeve. She has also ably served Tir Briste as Seneschal. She served the Kingdom of Meridies for over seven years as Warrants and Book Review Deputy for the Kingdom Exchequer's Office.

She worked Troll at numerous events, both for her own group and for others, and always was highly visible at Fool's War where she served as Head Troll numerous times. She acted as Head Troll often at Legends as well, for the Shire of Sol Haven, and was a member of the Entourage during the second reign of Boru and Deirdre.

Lady Magy Autocratted both Champion's List X in October of 2003 and Fool's War XVII in April of 2006 (she said it rained so hard there was no heavy weapons fighting that year, but at least no one was too tired to party), and was the Autocrat for the Fall Coronation of Boru and Deirdre held over the weekend of September 11th-13th, 2009. She served as the autocrat from Fool's War XX in April of 2008, and was the Deputy/Drop-Dead Autocrat for Fool's War XXI in April of 2009 and wound up taking on those duties when the designated Autocrat (who was active duty military) got orders and could not fulfill the role. She was on Troll staff for Spring Crown List in May of 2009, served as Entourage for Their Majesties Boru and Deirdre during Their third reign, was Co-Autocrat again for Fool's War XXI in April of 2010, and was on kitchen staff for Legends XVIII: The Crusades in November of 2009.

She taught classes on such subjects as Leather-working, and along with THLady Marie Gautrot donated her time and efforts casting metal event tokens for various events, making matching tabards for all of the Tir Briste Feast Servers, and spearheading other Shire projects. She also served ably on the Tir Briste Financial Committee.

This picture was taken at Spring Crown List in May of A.S. XLIV (2009)

Lady Magy's name and device (Vert, a dragon's head contourny erased and a bordure indented argent) both are registered with the College of Arms.

Titans - Eulogy for Magy

In a world that worships titans,
Where the mighty must stand tall
There are souls that touch the heavens
Though their living hands be small.
Born with hearts as deep as oceans
And so much of love to teach,
They have wisdom spanning distances
Exceeding human reach.

Though they may be short of stature
And unable to leap high,
They can warm the world with laughter
That no force can magnify.
They have spirits dwarfing mountains,
And the passions of their souls
Overshadow the illusions
Of what larger hands may hold.

For they have the strength of titans
And their spirits understand
That the ones who love are heroes
With the world at their command.
So we raise a glass to Magy
Of the bright and laughing eyes
For the magnitude of heroes
Cannot be defined by size.

From a world she would have conquered
By the force of heart and will,
She has passed beyond our knowing
But we hear her echoes still.
She was taken far too quickly
Through the veil we all must cross,
And our universe diminished
At the moment of her loss.

[05 January, 2014]

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