"Scadian Lullaby"

Slumber, slumber, oh my darling,
'Neath your father's banner bold.
He'll protect you and defend you,
With his steel and with his gold.

Slumber sweetly til the morning.
Knights about you guard your rest,
Til your Lady Mother wakens
For to hold you at her breast.

Dream of castles on the hillside;
Banners flying oer the plain.
Soon the battles will be over,
And your father home again.

Sumber, slumber, oh my darling
While the waning moon is high.
Hear the distant music playing.
Bards will sing your lullaby.

(Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, September 6th, A.S. XXV)

I offer this song to the children of my household, the Shire of Sol Haven, The Kingdom of Meridies, and the Known World. Sleep well.

Background music: "Scadian Lullaby", (Original Tune & Lyrics). copyright 1991 Peggy J. Hicks

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