Lady Katerina of Dunvegan


Currently serves as Reeve and Minister of Childrenr for the Shire of Sol Haven.

Lady Katerina has been active in the SCA for over fifteen years, and is a hard worker, always cheerful and willing to serve. She participated for many years with the Shire of Talmere, but now dwells in the Shire of Sol Haven.

We lack a complete list of her achievements, but she worked for a long time in the past with children and newcomers, helped extensively with Children's programs at Gulf Wars for a number of years, and hosted Newcomer Points at a number of other events. She has always been very generous in providing materials for children's activities, and is a warranted Heavy Fighters and Combat Archer. She served as Chief Troll for Legends XX: Marco Polo in June of 2014, and will again be Chief Troll for Legends XXI: William Tell on 20 June 2015.

Lady Katerina's name is registered with the SCA College of Arms.

The photograph above was taken on the Campus of Emory at Oxford in June of A.S. XLVI (2011).

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