Jaida al-Zarqa
jaida_al_zarqa22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Is a Lady in Waiting to Dame Yseult de Montagu

Jaida al-Zarqa formerly served as both LMoAS and Demo Officer for the Shire of Forth Castle. She was first introduced to the SCA in about A.S. XXXIII (1998), but didn't become heavily involved until Fools' War in A.S. XXXV (2000). She's mostly into Middle Eastern research, dance, and costuming, but she's also a service junkie, given to kitchen help (her love interest, Jochi, is a regular feastcrat and mundanely a chef), grunt work, working with children, and judging A&S competitions when Gio makes her. She'd like to eventually be a seneschal, an autocrat, and is keeping an eye out for Kingdom offices that may sound interesting. She's also been working on building her armor (making some of it herself) and hopes to be on the field soon. While only marginally active at this time due to mundane work and schooling, she expects to become active again very soon. This photo OBVIOUSLY was taken at Fool's War XVI in April of XXXIX (2005).

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