"Feasting Day"

Come lovely Ladies all, forth to the festival.
Come all ye Lords and join us as we play.
Lift all your flagons high, draw your trenchers nigh.
Toast to the Crown, tis a feasting day.
Bards are telling stories, minstrels sing of glories,
Tales and allegories, song and lay.
Hoist all the banners bold, black and red and gold,
All on a Sol Haven Feasting Day.

Come all ye folk to dine. Bring your finest wine.
Swiftly to join the feasting underway.
Dishes waiting there, we may freely share.
Ne'er shall we lack on a Feasting Day.
Pile ye high your trencher, we shall brook no censure,
Tis a great adventure, come what may.
May we delight you all, long, and short, and tall.
All on a Sol Haven Feasting Day.

Come to the feasting hall, Lords and Ladies all.
Children and guests, and all in fine array.
Maidens and warriors true, we shall welcome you,
None can deny, tis a Feasting Day.
Singing in the torchlight, dancing until midnight,
Never know what we might now assay.
Join with the merry throng. Bring your dreams along.
All on a Sol Haven Feasting Day.

(Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, August 25th, A.S. XXXIII, 1998)

Another song that just happened.

Background music: "Feasting Day", (Original Tune & Lyrics). ęcopyright 1998 Peggy J. Hicks

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