Lady Eva Moray (Deceased 21 May A.S. XXXIX - 2004)


Served the Sol of Sol Haven as LMoAS (and friend)

Lady Eva (formerly Aoife ingen Cormaic) created period jewelry, sewed, taught classes, and was an all-around hard worker. She was in charge of organizing the Baronial Breakfast for Meridian 25th Year (April 2003), taught classes on jewelry-making, and looked forward to other projects. We found her a real asset to the Society, and planned to hang onto her. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and on May 21st, A.S. XXXIX (2004) we lost Lady Eva.
She came into our lives with bright eyes, infectious laughter, a wicked smile, and a steady heart. She was our friend and a part of our family; constant in her affection, steadfast in her support, steady in her presence, and unshaken in her loyalty. We loved her for those qualities, and for her laughter, and her humor, and her simple kindness. She shared her talents, enriched our lives, and created beauty with her hands and by her presence, and we will not forget her.
Lady Eva was named posthumously as a Radiant Rose of Sol Haven (the Lady's Chivalry Award) by the Lords of the Shire at Legends XIII.
Lady Eva's name and device both are registered with the SCA College of Arms.

For Eva
We will remember, those remaining, how her laughter lit our lives,
And now that memory, sustaining, lets us know that love survives.
We will remember, those yet living, how her smile so brightly shown.
Generous she was, and giving, and we know that gift lives on.
We will remember, those who tarry, all the brightness of her eyes,
Saucy, bossy and contrary; such a spirit never dies.
We will remember, those enduring, how her heart was wide and deep,
Memory is reassuring. What we savor we may keep.
We will remember, those abiding, how her goals were never small,
And now that recollection, guiding, makes the rest of us stand tall.
We will remember, those who dally, how her life brooked no regret.
Though short the toll of days we tally, know that we will not forget.
[Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli, June 2nd, A.S. XXXIX, 2004]

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