Lord Etienne de Saint Pol de Leon
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Lord Etienne became active in the SCA with the Shire of Sol Haven in A.S. XXV, and was one of the founding members of The Sol Haven Players and the Not Necessarily Bards. For a while he was inactive, but in A.S. XXVIII (1993) he relocated to the Kingdom of Ansteorra where he became active in both the fighting arts and the arts and sciences, and while there he earned his Award of Arms, and both the Order of the Sable Crane Ansteorra and the Order of the Sable Thistle Ansteorra. After returning to us, Lord Etienne remained active in both fighting and A&S (mainly dancing and brewing), receiving his Meridian Cross, and when he lived for a short while in the Shire of Peregrine he served there as Deputy A&S officer. He is an excellent dancer (and a journeyman in Saltare, a promising practicioner of sleight-of-hand (yes, another one), and for a while also practiced the art of sand casting, and got into into hound coursing.

Lord Etienne was the Reservation Steward for Legends VII: The Pirates. He was chosen Lord of the Sun (the Sol Haven Chivalry Award) in A.S. XXXIII, and fought in Spring Crown List, A.S. XXXIV. He has also served as a Deputy Proctor for Saltare, was formerly squired to Sir Simon MacLeod. While dwelling in the Kingdom of the Outlands he served as the Fighter Marshal for the Canton of Bofharrach, and was a member of the Guard for the Baron and Baroness of Unser Hafen. A True Traveler of the Kingdoms, He has hung his hat in six of them (not going for a clean sweep). In A.S. XLIII (2008) he returned from time spent in the Canton of Charlesbury Crossing in the Barony of the Sacred Stone in the Kingdom of Atlantia where he served as the Canton Herald, and became active again in the Shire of Sol Haven, but had to go inactive soon afterwards for mundane reasons. He now lives in the Kingdom of Trimaris, though we hope to reclaim him eventually..

Lord Etienne's name (Etienne Dubois) and device are registered with the SCA College of Heralds. He plans, however, to change his name to Etienne de Saint Pol de Leon, and is now going by that name.

[Emeritus since March 2009]

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