Sir Chinua Qadanjin
qadanjin (at) gmail (dot) com


Peer to ? , and a former squire to Duke John of Ean Airgead. Currently serves as Seneschal & Chronicker for the Shire of Forthy Castle.

Sir Chinua has always been very service-oriented, in addition to being a skilled fighter, and has held offices in his home group of Forth Castle including Seneschal and others. We hope to have more detailed information soon...excluding the fact that he was Roasted by the Neridian Friar's Club at Fool's War in April of A.S. XLIV (2010).

Other achievements include:

Chinua is also a member of House Ean Airgead. He is the Lord Husband of Lady Maya Kali.

Sir Chinua is one of the Autocrats for Summer Collegia to be hosted by the Shire of Drakenmere on August 15th, 2009.

Sir Chinua's name was registered in October of 2006 by the SCA College of Arms. His device (Erminois, in pale a wolf salient sable and a heart within a bordure embattled gules) is not yet registered.

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