" A Meridian Anthem"

Forth into battle, boldly stand,
Raise up the standard sword in hand.
Armored in glory, live to tell the story,
Sworn to defend our blessed land.

Strong in our valor, mighty in our honor,
True in our fealty, we shall ne'er be swayed.
Oathbreakers never, we shall stand forever.
Glory be thine Meridies.

Forth from the shieldwall, spearpoints bright.
Charge 'neath the arching arrow's flight.
Swift to the fore, oh hear the battle's roar, we'll
Live to make merry in the night.


Forth to the feasting, victors all.
Sing in the torchlit feasting hall.
Trenchermen true we'll give it all it's due,
And toast to the Crown that rules us all!


(Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, August 22nd, A.S. XXXIII, 1998)

A Song That Just Happened.

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Background music: "A Meridian Anthem", (Original Tune & Lyrics). ęcopyright 1998 Peggy J. Hicks

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