Lady Alicia of Dunbar


Currently serves as Demo Officer & Chatelaine, and Deputy Reeve, and Deputy Chronicler for the Shire of Sol Haven.

Lady Alicia has been active in the SCA for over fifteen years, and is a hard worker, always willing to pitch in wherever needed. She has served the Shire of Sol Haven as Herald, Scribe, Reeve, Minister of Children, Chirurgeon, Chatelaine, Minister of Arts & Sciences (twice) and Demo Officer, and has proven to be a hard and enthusiastic worker. Lady Alicia worked a lot in the past with children's programs, while serving as Deputy Minister of Children for the Shire of Sol Haven, and was instrumental in creating Teen Activities (including her Medieval RPG - LORE), and MTRP (Meridian Teen Role-Playing) under the auspices of House Zephyr, to get the teenagers more involved. These activities proved to be very popular. She was the CIC at Midwinter A&S in January of A.S. XL (2006). She also has been spear-heading a local recruitment drive to help us find and attract new members.

Lady Alicia was one of t he Autocrats for the first Festival of the Laurels, hosted in October of A.S. XL (2005), and was charge of Children's Activities at Legends XV: Legends of the Past in June of A.S. XLI (2006). She relocated for a while to the former Shire of Camden Tor, hoping to help them build their numbers, and then relocated for a while to the Owl's Nest area. She was, during that time, inactive, however she soon returned to live in the Shire of Sol Haven, and became once again active in the SCA. She served as one of the Site Stewards for Spring Crown List in May of A.S. XLIV (2009), and also frequently helps out in kitchens, and will be one of the Site Stewards for Legends XX: Marco Polo in June of 2014. She will be serving as the Site Chatelaine for Legends XXI: William Tell on 20 June 2015.

Lady Alicia's name and device (Per pale vert and Or, in pale a roundel and a butterfly counterchanged), and her badge (Sable, a pale endorsed argent and overall a zephyr Or) and Household Name (House Zephyr) are registered with the SCA College of Arms.

The photograph above was taken at Meridian Maneuvers in February of A.S. XXXIX (2005).

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