Antelope Tracks

Over time a number of attempts were made to create and to maintain a Household Newsletter for Ty Gafrewig Wen,
but issues were sporadic, and distribution was also something of an issue. When the most recent attempt was made, it was decided
to make "The White Antelope" a quarterly publication, to be distributed electronically at the change of every season, and with the birth
of the electronic newsletter a decision was made to add comics to each issue as well as to post one monthly comic to the Household
Facebook group. Hence, "Antelope Tracks" also was created, and the comics archived below represent one monthly Facebook strip, and two
strips from each seasonal quarterly issue of "The White Antelope".

Last Updated 23 October 2014
[My apologies for the poor quality of the small inages.
Please click on the individual graphics for enlargments]

The Mundane Years 2013 and 2014
September 2013 #1
Fiber Optomism
September 2013 #2
Mind Doesn't Matter
September 2013 Facebook
The Usual Prospects
October 2013 Facebook
The Root of the Problem
November 2013 Facebook
True Bleu
December 2013 #1
High Spirits
December 2013 #2
Firth in Line?
December 2013 Facebook
Recipe for Failure
January 2014 Facebook
1 Down and 364 to Go
January 2014 Facebook
Toasts of Housemates Past
February 2014 Facebook
Hell's Feasthall Try-Outs
March 2014 #1
We Survived Ice Jam A.S.XLVIII
March 2014 #2
Two for One Special
March 2014 Facebook
From Beyond
April 2014 Facebook
Trick Wired
May 2014 Facebook
Delivery from Evil
June 2014 #1
Calling Down Favors
June 2014 #2
Spirit of the Law
June 2014 Facebook
Feeding the Inner Child
July 2014 Facebook
Quit Horsing Around
August 2014 Facebook
A Little Be-Hind
Septemjber 2014 #1
Acronymic Circles
September 2014 #2
Nevermind Over Matter
September 2014 Facebook
Moa is Better
October 2014 Facebook
Aim of Thrones
November 2014 Facebook
Game On
December 2014 #1
Lazarus Species
December 2014 #2
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Who They Gonna Call?
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
The Devil's Food You Say!
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Head Games
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
To See or Not to See?
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
After Math?
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Going South?
Decemeber 2014 Facebook 
On Thin ice?
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Poetic License
Decemeber 2014 Facebook 
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Making a Long Story Short
Decemeber 2014 Facebook 
A Dead Certainty
Decemeber 2014 Facebook
Better Net Than Never
All graphics copyrighted and originally published in The White Antelope, the quarterly newsletter of the SCA Household of Ty Gafrewig Wen,
or monthly on the Ty Gafrewig Wen Facebook Page.
Reprinting by permission only. Contact Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli --
meistresbronwen (at) covingtoncastle (dot) com

All comics are posted after original publication. If they do not show up on this page along with the date and title,
this is because they have not yet been published.

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