Lord Adam Caomhanach
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This young man was born into the SCA, and at age nineteen Lord Adam, the son of Dame Aislinn Chaomhanach, is coming into hisown. As a child he sewed garb for himself and wrote an article for Penfeathers. As a young teen he worked at numerous events and pitched in to help in many ways and on many occasions, and as an older teen he served as Entourage to Their Royal Majesties Boru and Deirdre, and was the Site Steward for Spring Crown List in May of A.S. XLIV (2009), doing a stellar job.

At Legends XVI: The Borgias in June of 2007 he was called forth by the Ladies of Sol Haven and presented with their Chivalry award the Lord of the Sun".

This photo was taken at RUM (The Royal University of Meridies) event on July of 2007. and we plan to have a more recent picture soon.

Lord Adam's name and device (Per bend azure and argent, a bend counterchanged between a sun in his splendor Or and three arrows two and one sable) both are registered with the College of Arms.

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