Last Updated 23 December 2010
[My apologies for the poor quality of the small inages. Please click on the individual graphics for enlargments]

The Mundane Year 2002
January 2002
The Care and Feeding of Men-at-Arms
February 2002
Keeping Abreast of Things
March 2002
Going Into the Light
April 2002
Sibling Syntax
May 2002
Weising Up
June 2002
Y Chromosome Logic
July 2002
Sticky Subject
August 2002
Having the Last Word
September 2002
On a Roll
October 2002
The Italian Inquisition
November 2002
The Buck Stops Here
December 2002
Hatchet Job
All graphics copyrighted and originally published in EQUINOX, the newsletter of the SCA Shire of Sol Haven.
Reprinting by permission only. Contact Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli --
sh_chronicler (at) solhaven (dot) com or meistresbronwen (at) covingtoncastle (dot) com

All comics are posted after original publication. If they do not show up on this page along with the date and title, this is because they have not yet been published, or (in the case of one strip) that there might be a question of copyright infringement in using a mundanely recognizable cartoon character, albeit redrawn.

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